ASAP Heating & Air

Development, Branding

New branding, new website, new campaign, and new customers.

Already an established name among home builders and developers, ASAP Heating and Air knew they needed a fresh look if they wanted to break into the individual homeowner market. With no existing branding, we had a clean slate to engineer a brand that communicates speed and a subtle hint of patriotism, looks new but feels established, all while being relevant to the heat and air industry.

The answer to the problem was none other than the simple arrow. The trouble with simple answers is they can often be pedestrian if you’re not careful. To avoid this pitfall, we threw a few bells and whistles on the site and used a fogged transparent plastic for the business cards. 

Using such a simple but versatile symbol enabled seamless integration with the website and the three-dimensional spaces where the logo would exist. Vans, uniforms, thermostats, AC units, and digital environments are all spaces where the branding can now thrive.

The tagline, Comfort You Can Count On, communicates everything a reputable AC company needs to say. When we sat down to think about it, we realized air conditioning, at its most basic level, gives homeowners the amazing ability to control the weather in their house. Thus, the first word needed to reflect the core benefit ASAP sells- comfort. Next, we wanted to talk about the dependable service ASAP offers, which hatched the second piece of the puzzle. Put it all together and Comfort You Can Count On was born.

With the branding and website squared away, it was time to get the word out. We quickly realized the first objective should be informing homeowners that, unbeknownst to them, ASAP had installed their AC unit when their home was built. A mix of digital, traditional, and experiential marketing was used to raise the temperature on brand awareness.

Starting with a full-fledged neighborhood block party to kick off the campaign, we then created a contest that required homeowners to go look at their AC unit. Once we had everyone’s attention, we sent out emails and postcards promoting ASAP’s preventative maintenance services and thermostat upgrades. 

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Branding, Development

Brand system revamp including logo, business cards, website, and letterhead.