A brand is so much more than just a logo.

Whether it’s online, a business card, or a brochure, your branding will make the first handshake with potential customers. So your branding needs to be an accurate, and compelling, reflection of your company’s personality. Before we put pen to paper to create logos or taglines, we take you through a strategic and interactive interview process to construct a personality profile for your brand. For this hands-on process, we put you in the driver's seat and walk you through a series of abstract thought exercises to discover the true nature of your brand. Although a bit unorthodox, our process gives us the insights we need to create superior logos, letterheads, slogans, business cards, and entire brand systems. Once we have the information we need from you, it's time to create. Our designers start with rough sketches, move to preliminary illustrations, and then mock up the brand in a variety of real-life situations. Multiple ad hoc feedback meetings are held with all members of the Brookside team throughout the process to ensure quality control.


Instead of watching your competitors grow, get your customers watching you. Let us tell your stories with a little movie magic and watch the views come rolling in.