Complete branding system overhaul.

Base was founded with the spirit of baseball coursing through its veins. The name and original logo both harken to Big League Chew and 7th inning stretches. Still wanting to maintain the baseball motif, Base knew they needed to update the branding to make a striking impression on their customers. Since we were already under the hood, they also wanted to add a patriotic flair to the new logo.

We knew whatever we created would have to exist on the side of trains, trucks, and trailers, as well as the standard branding collateral. To ensure legibility and recognition, the logo would have to pass our two-step basic logo test with flying colors. This test, which we use for every logo we make, consists of two questions- Does it look good in one color? Does it look good in any size?

To ace our own test, we used a few straight lines to create a home plate icon. Paired with a Betsy Ross color scheme, the home plate design doubles as a call out to The Great Seal of America found on dollar bills and other official documents.

Legibility is everything for the wordmark, so we went with Helvetica Roman. A straightforward font that can be read even if it’s on the side of a train whizzing by at 75 miles an hour. 

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